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16 Dec 2015
This year's award for America's silliest band goes to the group known as "Kids On Acid." They are tearing through local venues with a glorious combination of original material and oddly satisfying cover songs. And there's no question that this band is nearly as untamed as their personality reveals.

While it is exceedingly tricky to define such a band, the group's signature musical style generally merges their female singer's incredible vocals with hard-rocking guitars, deep grooves, and unconventional patterns that fire up fans and critics alike.

Despite the band's somewhat wild on-stage persona, there's no doubt that the band Kids On Acid is actually one of the hardest working groups in the South. With an incredibly extensive arsenal of music spanning various genres, KOA always seems to have the perfect song for the occasion. And they seem to be cranking out new material faster than just about any young band out there.

Consequently, you should definitely check out at least two of their songs if you're looking to get a decent idea of what Charleston's Kids On Acid band is all about.